Helping clients initiate & manage change.

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TATE-FRANCESCA COMPANY - Management Consulting

Helping associations initiate, manage and implement change

Our Mission:

We help clients explore new directions, to offer high value services, and launch new ventures to respond to changing markets.


We help develop strategy, increase impact, strengthen teams, focus priorities, analyze options and implement action.

The Change and Value Challenge

Change in associations happens in several ways:

§ Planned – choosing strategic direction, mergers, sometimes recruiting a CEO and senior staff who know the industry well.

§ Provoked – industry restructures, member businesses realign or consolidate.

§ Demanded – with regulatory crises, economic downturns, new legislation.

How to address? Set the strategy; communicate the value; find allies; leverage the impact.

  • Both member and staff leaders share in the  management of change.
  • Board members are critical players.

Specialized member constituencies may also be heard.


Change is likely uneven & hard to predict as to specific pace and timing.

  • Addressing deliberate change is aided by strategic planning.
  • New CEOs bring new energy & emphasis, new style.
  • Which leads to useful change, though with some bumps.
  • Industry shifts ==>  leads to changes in product mix, and relationships.
  • Adjust emphasis & direction; integrate.
  • Crises test leadership, but may strain consensus. Renewal is in order.
  • Changes in policy carry new costs.
  • Boards, and new leaders, bring new ideas, emphases, challenges.

    Tate-Francesca Company engages to help you initiate, or manage, each of these varieties of change. Whether your strategic plan needs revision, or members are threatening to leave, or the Board is split on key priorities, we can help.

    Member value – the sole rationale for membership:

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