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Michael Tate brings change and focus to stalled organizations needing new energy. Directs Tate-Francesca Company, since 1990, prior to which he was a partner and senior in two major consulting firms, and a manager and policy analyst in government.

In initiating, managing and implementing change for clients, works with presidents, Boards, senior executives and working staff.

Core client base: industry and professional associations.

Leadership and management skills include consensus building, project/program management, strategic planning, organizational development, evaluating alternatives, change implementation.

Balance between “get it done” and “get it accepted” is key in many groups; acceptance by staff and customers/constituents is key to long-term effectiveness. Clients will attest to his sound judgment on balancing pace, pressure, and performance outcomes.

Successful organizational change demands:

  • Discarding “same old, same old” thinking; defining new practices, services and systems. 
  • Shaping structural and cultural aspects for organizations to reflect clear mission and vision. 
  • Knowing institutions respond to external needs, but are limited by uncertain staff direction.

Tate has prompted sharper focus, improved cooperation, revised strategic direction, analysis of new business models, and enhanced member service – with varied clients.

Change management philosophy: collaborative, analytic, disciplined, and accountable.

  • Managing and supporting change requires governance, management, staff and constituents to work in concert.
  • Leadership, communications, analytic skills, and adaptability are essential.
  • Consensus is found in active listening, clarifying needs, and tenacity. More orchestration than command and control, effective change rests on defining mutual values and exploring shared vision.

Client participants are typically the Boards, CEOs, staff and constituents/customers/members.

  • Planned change recognizes market realities and identifies creative opportunities.
  • Prompted change puts a premium on knowledge of strengths and weaknesses, and intelligent response.
  • Openness to new ideas, challenges to assumptions, and ability to find potential for order in chaos: all contribute to synergy, trust, accountability and results.

Tate has long and successful experience with change management. He is a skilled facilitator, a creative problem solver, and an effective writer and speaker.

Across a broad client range, he has aided analysis and advocacy, learning new areas quickly through immersion and intense questioning & exploration.



Consultant Partners to Association Leadership

  • We work as a team with, and extended resources to, the CEO, Board, and staff.
  • Trust + credibility + communication + value = successful outcomes.
  • Our approach is practical and personal, customized to fit your specific needs.
  • Aim is to strengthen creative, focused, measured and results-driven leadership.

Tate-Francesca Company - 703-328-1855


Listening, Client-based Solutions, Implementation

  • Our hallmark is listening. Our focus is on client needs.
  • We solve problems with & for our clients -- assessing alternatives, seeking broad input.
  • We know decisions require effective communication.
  • Plans without action are boring, vapid, or worse. We help clients implement to see desired change.
  • Measures & metrics are essential to change.

This is the Tate-Francesca common sense approach to providing consulting services.